Promoting Responsible Beverage Alcohol Consumption

While we celebrate the power of our brands to build connections, promoting the safe and responsible enjoyment of them is foundational to who we are as a company. As a leader in the beverage alcohol industry, we seek to ensure the responsible promotion and marketing of our products to empower adults to make responsible choices in their alcohol consumption, while fostering a culture centered around respecting the choice not to consume alcohol. Our strategy focuses on supporting fact-based education, engagement programs, and policies.

A Contemporary Mindset of Responsible Consumption

We are evolving our approach to responsible consumption by embracing a contemporary mindset that aligns with consumer betterment trends. With the understanding that it starts with us, we’ve partnered with our Wellness and Brand teams to create engaging opportunities for employees to learn more about responsible consumption and how our portfolio of brands can play a role. We share resources with the understanding that with deeper knowledge, we will further a culture inspired by shared values and responsible consumption in support of a more balanced lifestyle.

This concept is well represented in our product portfolio as many additions have been inspired by rising consumer interest in moderation, individual betterment, and well-being. As consumers reach for brands with lower calories and lower alcohol, how they are thinking about responsible drinking is evolving beyond knowing alcohol limits and warning against drunk driving; they are increasingly embracing a more balanced approach to alcohol consumption as part of a lifestyle choice.

Our Responsible Practices

Industry leadership also means that we rigorously ensure our messages are directed at legal, drinking-age consumers. As a fundamental framework, we have developed our Global Code of Responsible Practices for Beverage Alcohol Advertising and Marketing, which must be adhered to as part of the approval process for all advertising and marketing materials. This comprehensive code includes firm guidance on media placements and events used for marketing, product placements, and more.

Our advocacy for responsible consumption of alcohol spans our internal teams, from Corporate Social Responsibility to Government Relations, who work in partnership with government counterparts to advance responsible alcohol policy. It also comes to life in our memberships in the Beer Institute, where we hold a seat on the Board of Directors and are part of the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative that provides consumers key information so adults of legal drinking age can be better informed about the alcohol beverages they choose to enjoy; the Wine Institute, where we hold two at-large seats on the organization’s Board of Directors and support the organization’s ongoing social responsibility program that promotes moderate consumption; and The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), where, as members, we support the organization’s promotion of the moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol and anti-drunk driving measures.


We are a proud member of Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition, an alliance that promotes responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at sports and entertainment facilities. We have worked with TEAM to implement the Responsibility Has Its Rewards program, which offers an innovative approach to engaging fans around responsibility.

We take a collaborative approach to promoting responsible drinking efforts, and are involved in a number of initiatives that address the societal impact of the misuse of beverage alcohol. As a FAAR member, we help in the fight to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking, while empowering adults to make a lifetime of responsible alcohol choices as a part of a balanced lifestyle.

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