Our practices and programmes

Our vineyards and wineries are located in NZ’s best winegrowing regions of Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough and Central Otago. We are a member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ), an industry group established in 1995 with all our facilities being SWNZ accredited. SWNZ provides members with environmental best practices for the vineyard and the winery, an external audit structure, and much more. We are also a member of SWNZ Sustainability Guardians - a voluntary extension programme.

Our practices focus on addressing the group’s six pillars of Water, Soil, Pest & Disease, Waste, Climate Change, People.

Examples include:

• Smarter water use through active real-time monitoring of soil moisture to drive irrigation efficiency, and utilising winter rainfall harvesting and storage for use during the growing season.

• Wastewater project at Kim Crawford Winery to reduce water usage and improve the quality of winery wastewater which is irrigated to land on the wastewater fields.

• Native tree planting initiatives, for example Rarangi Vineyard wetland project, Hawkesbury Road stream restoration plan.

• Active participant in the NZ Winegrowers Vineyard ecosystems project exploring how vineyard management activities can enhance biodiversity and improve grapevine performance.

• Predator control on our vineyards to encourage a habitat for native birds and insects, for example installing ‘beetle banks’ as a form of biocontrol which encourage beneficial insects, birds and fauna.

• Chilean Needlegrass programme at our Awatere Hills Vineyard - an ecosystem project to eradicate a highly invasive pest plant that negatively impacts animal welfare in the Marlborough region.

• Reduce landfill by enforcing compost, recyclable and landfill separation of all office waste.

• Our two New Zealand Wineries, Kim Crawford and Selaks, produce wine that is 100% vegan.

• Reduced herbicide use on suitable vineyards by utilising for example undervine cover crops.

• Replaced wooden treated posts with recyclable metal vineyard posts.

Research & Development

Participator and platinum grantor of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Grapevine Improvement Programme.

The 7-year research programme will develop new variants of NZ Sauvignon Blanc, to make the wine industry both more resilient and more sustainable. More resilient by identifying traits such as drought and frost resistance, and more sustainable by seeking natural resistance to pests and diseases.

Read more about the programme here