Constellation Brands Adds Paid Parental Leave to Growing List of Benefits

Constellation Brands New Zealand is proud to recognise the importance of all parents having the opportunity to spend time and bond with a new child by providing paid parental leave for all permanent staff in New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand’s leading wine exporter now offers a top up to existing government primary carer parental leave provisions to ensure all permanent employees receive their full base salary or wage for up to 18 weeks following the birth of a baby, or assumption of primary care of a baby or child under the age of six.

The company also offers up to four weeks of paid leave for parents who aren’t the primary care givers. With this programme, two weeks is paid at their full base salary or wage upon birth of the child. Another two weeks is later granted to provide support for partners returning to work or transitioning the child to day care.

VP Human Resources Julie Bassett says it’s important to offer benefits that promote a balanced life, which includes work, to retain top talent and attract the best candidates.

“The benefits to our staff and their families are significant and obvious, but it’s also really beneficial to us as a business. Our ability to attract and retain the best people is, at least in part, down to the attractive benefits we can offer and the support we provide our people at all stages of their life and career,” she says.

The expanded parental leave is just one recent move. The company also announced paid birthday leave, the ability to buy an additional week’s annual leave, and a new FlexAbility programme, to promote flexible working. Launching FlexAbility has opened doors for employees to discuss flexible work options for work-life balance while still achieving business objectives.

Constellation continues to benchmark programmes and benefits to ensure employee compensation is competitive and seeks opportunities to expand offerings that support a diverse and inclusive workforce.


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