Jeff Crank

Grower Relations Manager

Jeff works as a manager and liaison for California’s central coast external grape growers which carries the responsibility of procuring the correct quantity and quality of specific varietals for all Constellation wine programs that use Central Coast wine grapes.

Describe your favorite thing about working at Constellation. I can’t name just one thing; I have so many favorite items that come along with working for Constellation. First, we have an unbelievable amount of employees who are a pleasure to work with. Second, our total beverage alcohol (TBA) presence is unmatched! That in itself is so exciting and one of the most enjoyable topics to speak of when I meet new people or industry professionals. Third, Constellation’s culture toward employee growth is amazing. From benefit packages, to CSR, to career-enhancing opportunities, etc. We really have a lot to draw from. Finally, senior management really encourages interdepartmental collaboration and learning, and that alone is such a magnet for engagement.

How have you grown as a leader at Constellation? My boss, Don Ackerman, has been a great resource for me in learning alternative methods and strategies of management, problem-solving and critical thinking. Not to mention, rubbing shoulders with senior leaders has been a wonderful medium for my personal growth. This company has reinforced my belief that people are our greatest asset. Not just in terms of achieving of our business objective, but also when it comes to our greater social responsibility.

What is most rewarding about working for Constellation? My personal efforts affect the company’s performance.

How would you describe the culture at Constellation? Change, change, change! We are a growing company and are always adapting so that we can continue to be fit for growth. But the constant among our change is that we have a balanced culture in which employees are truly valued, rewarded and provided opportunities for growth and purpose. This is what makes our company attractive for long-term employment.

Who inspires you to be stellar and why? Constellation has done a wonderful job of understanding that an individual’s entire health plays into developing stellar employees. The people who inspire me to be stellar are my Central Coast Grower Relations Teammates, comprised of Don Ackerman, Avery Borzini and Griff Simmons. They are compassionate and understanding in regard to each other’s personal lives, and simultaneously encourage and challenge one another to be stellar in all components of work (people, quality, entrepreneurship, integrity and customer focus – those areas that our founder Marvin Sands determined as Constellation’s key pillars). I am very grateful for each and every one of them.