Jerry Fowden

Chief Executive Officer of Cott Corporation

Mr. Fowden has served as Chief Executive Officer of Cott Corporation, an international beverage manufacturer and distributor as well as a leading North American and European provider of water, coffee, tea and filtration services, since February 2009 having joined Cott in September 2007. He has also served as a member of Cott’s Board of Directors since March 2009. Prior to joining Cott, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Trader Media Group, undertook various roles with AB InBev, including global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer of the AB InBev subsidiary Bass Brewers, was Managing Director of the Rank Group’s Hospitality Division and served on the Rank Group Plc’s Board of Directors, was Chief Executive Officer of Hero AG’s European beverage operations, and undertook various international roles within PepsiCo’s beverage operations across the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as having sales, marketing and management roles with Mars pet care operations. Mr. Fowden has not served as a director of any other public company (other than for Cott Corporation) during the past five years. Mr. Fowden is a current chief executive officer of a public company and brings to the Board his extensive experience in executive leadership, the beverage industry, and international operations.