Napa, CA

Miryam Chae

Director, Direct to Consumer

Miryam is a marketing director in Constellation Brands’ Napa office. She manages all direct to consumer marketing including wine clubs, e-commerce and outside partnerships; oversees all logistics and compliance management for the DTC business; and manages CRM initiatives and strategy. She has been with Constellation Brands since 2010.

Describe your favorite thing about working at Constellation.
Constellation Brands reminds us it’s important to be involved [in our communities].

What is most rewarding about working for Constellation?
Constellation Brands makes it easy [to be involved] by promoting our responsibility to our community, and giving back through involvement or monetary matching donation programs.

I channel this support into my primary passion of animal rescue and welfare. I have successfully placed animals in the homes of colleagues and friends, which has given me a good reputation for being a doggie matchmaker. Having fostered more than 50 dogs has helped me understand dog personalities and determine the best home for them, which leads to the ultimate in giving back.

I’ve seen firsthand how fostering saves lives. More than 10 of my foster dogs would not have survived in a shelter environment had my family not stepped up, which to me, is the biggest impact we can make.